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For the Morrises, new program was a perfect fit

Clyde & Velma Morris

When Clyde and Velma Morris moved to Homewood at Spring House Estates a little more than three years ago, they never thought they would be pioneers.

But that’s what they became when they decided to take advantage of a new program offered through the Homewood Foundation to assist with the sale of their home.

“Through the Partnership Program we can help current and prospective residents with the sale of their property,” said J.D. Shuman, president of the Homewood Foundation. Through the Partnership, property equity can be used in a variety of ways, including creating income and tax benefits, while making a positive impact on the Homewood family. “We are so grateful to Clyde and Velma  for helping us pioneer this unique giving vehicle,” Shuman said

When the Morrises moved to Homewood, they made the conscience decision to move first, and then work on selling their home. But after three years, the property still hadn’t sold.

So when the Partnership was explained, the Morrises quickly decided it was the right move.

“We’d never heard of such a plan, but J.D. was great to work with,” said Velma Morris. “He took care of all the details.”

“It killed two birds with one stone,” said Clyde Morris, who also serves as a member of Spring House Estates’ Board of Directors, by benefitting the Homewood Foundation Benevolent Fund and disposing of the property. “It’s about the easiest thing we’ve ever done.”

The Partnership can, among other things, assist with downsizing, packing, and the physical move to Homewood.

“We can help alleviate the stress of trying to sell a property,” Shuman said, and can take on all the responsibility of selling a property - if desired.

The Morrises said it was the eventual gift to the Benevolent Fund that played an important role in their decision.

“We’ve always tried to help those in need,” Velma Morris said. She added the couple was gratified to be able to help, perhaps, their own friends or neighbors who may one day need the financial assistance the Benevolent Fund offers.

Partnership Program can assist in property sale

The Partnership Program helps current and prospective residents who are planning to sell a single family residence, second property or vacation property, Homewood Foundation will:

Provide financial support during the sale of the property for:

  • Downsizing
  • Packing
  • Moving
  • Other Carrying Costs

Help use the equity from the sale of the property to create:

  • Fixed Lifetime Income (rates as high as 9 percent)
  • Significant Tax Deduction (can be used over 5 years)

Other options include the Foundation taking on the entire responsibility of selling the property and providing donors and/or their family a fixed lifetime income.

For more information on The Partnership Program, contact J.D. Shuman at the Homewood Foundation at 1-800-559-2273 or through email at