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Lending a hand for a good cause

Barbara Rickman

RLEEF putting ‘life’ in the lives

Barbara Rickman - aka Bobby - has spent a considerable portion of her adult life raising money for good causes, so she knows a good thing when she sees it.

And in her opinion, Homewood’s RLEEF is a good thing.

RLEEF (Resident Life Enrichment Endowment Fund) was the brainchild of Homewood President Ernie Angell, who wanted to create a lasting opportunity to bring extraordinary programming and events to all Homewood residents.

While still in the fund-raising stage, RLEEF has already begun to bear fruit in the programming and events happening at each Homewood community.

“When this giving opportunity was presented to me...I thought this is something I wanted to do,” Mrs. Rickman said. “I like an endowed fund because it reaches into the future life of this community. It ensures stewardship.”

And while she recognizes the importance of Homewood’s Benevolent Fund that helps to care for residents in financial need, “there needs to be life in our lives,” she said. And that is what RLEEF is all about.

Having trained and worked as a school teacher, Mrs. Rickman chose to stay home while her children were young. After her young daughter was treated for a health issue at Frederick Memorial Hospital, Mrs. Rickman began volunteering at the facility and also decided to join the hospital auxiliary - an organization she would eventually lead as its president. She worked closely with the Development Council to help raise much needed funding. She also championed Hood College.

“Fundraising is essential to institutions,” she said. “It’s their survival.”

Mrs. Rickman said she has always tried to support causes she believed in.

“Give to where you care,” is her motto she said.

And being able to use appreciated stock to fund her gift, made the giving easy. “I signed one piece of paper and it was done,” she said.

Mrs. Rickman, a resident of Homewood at Frederick, pointed to the recently held Homewood Harvest as wonderful use of RLEEF funds. The event brought the fair to Homewood.

“The animals, the funnel cakes and all the other great fair food.” She applauded the opportunity to bring the fair to those who couldn’t go to it.

“I hope so many others who care about all of the Homewoods will join me in supporting this project,” she said. “I look forward to enjoying the RLEEF events in the months and years to come.