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Homewood Foundation Participates in Two Local Giving Events

This spring the Homewood Foundation will be participating in two local online giving events: Give Local York and Washington County Gives.  Give Local York will take place on Friday, May 3, 2019 and Washington County Gives will take place on Tuesday, May 7, 2019.  For these events we have developed our giving story and we want to share that story with all of our Homewood family.

Our Founding.
Homewood Foundation is proud to serve the seniors living in Homewood Retirement Centers’ five communities. We have built upon the legacy of our founder, George Pearson, whose $100,000 bequest in 1932 established an “old folks home” for widows and spinsters of the church. Homewood Foundation secures charitable support to enhance the lives of residents’ and staff of Homewood Retirement Centers. We focus our fundraising efforts around three areas: benevolent care, capital campaigns, and special projects and activities.

Our Commitment.
Benevolent Care provides for residents in assisted living and skilled nursing who have exhausted their financial resources through no fault of their own. It is, and will continue to be, Homewood Foundation’s #1 priority. While government assistance, in the form of Medicare and Medicaid, can help to offset some of the care expense for seniors living in skilled nursing, those supplements do not cover the total cost of care for some residents. Government assistance is not available for residents in our assisted living facilities making it more difficult for those who have outlived their financial resources. In our 87-year history, Homewood has never asked anyone to leave because of depleted finances through no fault of their own. Your support of the Homewood Foundation Benevolent Fund will enhance our ability to underwrite care for our residents in need.

Your Impact.
Your philanthropic support allows us to give our residents and their families the peace of mind that Homewood is their home. Benevolent Care provides comfort to residents and their families because it helps to alleviate the financial burden of outliving one's resources. Families appreciate knowing that their loved one(s) will continue to receive the care they may need regardless of their ability to pay.

Your gift to Benevolent Care will help offset the cost of housing, food, and care needs. For, example, the average cost of care in assisted living is $200 per day.  In skilled nursing the average cost is $350 per day.  In 2017 Homewood at Williamsport provided over 2.5 million dollars in Benevolent Care and uncompensated services and Homewood at Plum Creek provided over 2.9 million dollars in Benevolent Care and uncompensated services.  The generosity of our donors through the Homewood Foundation helps to underwrite this cost.

Please consider making a gift to Benevolent Care today to provide for our current and future residents’ peace of mind knowing that Homewood is their home for as long as they need it.  On May 3rd visit and on May 7th visit  to help us support the residents of Homewood in need.