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Endowment gift is part of King legacy to Homewood

Rick & Estelle King

HANOVER, PA - In the King family, giving was a way of life - be it time, talents or treasure. And so it continues to be for Estelle King.

Mrs. King said her husband’s family was heavily involved in many charitable and community service-minded efforts in their small Massachusetts hometown - from working to establish and run cancer research funds to serving on hospital and school boards to giving to local and national charities.

So when she decided to establish the Rick and Estelle King Endowment for the Arts through the Homewood Foundation, Mrs. King saw the opportunity to combine her passion for the arts with her belief in the mission of Homewood all the while honoring her late husband’s years of service to his community. The King endowment will become a part of the Resident Life Enrichment Endowment Fund (RLEEF) that will provide funding for programming, trips, events and other special opportunities for residents  at all five Homewood campuses.

“Philanthropy is as good for you as those it’s reaching,” she said.

The Kings were first introduced to Homewood through their membership in Emmanuel United Church of Christ in Hanover. Then in 1991 Rick King was invited to join the Homewood Board of Trustees. After his term on the board was completed in 2002, Estelle King served from 2003 to 2014 and, after a change in the by-laws, rejoined the Board in 2017.

But it was when Rick’s dad, Gordon King, was a resident at Homewood at Plum Creek, that Estelle King said she truly understood the scope of what a Homewood community provides. Gordon King lived at Homewood for 2 years before his passing.

“It opened my eyes to a huge population of caring, trained, professional people who are well suited to the mission of Homewood.,” she said, working together with one mind - the safety and security of the residents.

Helping to fund the arts was a natural decision for Mrs. King as theater and music have always been an interest of hers. She holds a bachelor’s degree in theater arts from Gettysburg College - a degree she earned in 1997 after going back to school. She said her father-in-law, in his younger years, was involved in many church productions and Rick, who passed away in September 2016, enjoyed performing on stage in local community theater production as well.

And the Homewood Foundation offered her the opportunity to do good works while being a good steward.

“You have an obligation to yourself not to become a burden,” Mrs. King said. The gift vehicles offered through the Foundation - in her case, a stock transfer - allowed her to manage her personal finances for the benefit of all.

“You can do right by your wealth and meet a need,” she said. The tax advantages of stock transfers and the knowledge that her gift will continue to grow and touch more lives made it the right fit.