Foundation Publishes Annual Donor Report

Homewood Donor Report YTD 2018

The Homewood Foundation is pleased to release it's very first Annual Donor Report.  The report features the following:

  • Message from Homewood's CEO, Ernie Angell
  • Message from Homewood Foundation's President, J. D. Shuman
  • Homewood FOunation's Board of Directors
  • Giving Summary for 2018 Year to Date
  • Listings for members of the George Pearson Society
  • Benevolent Care Overview
  • Site Gift Overview
  • Resident Life Enrivhment Endowment Fund Overview
  • Homewood in Your Will
  • Geift Veicles and Benefits
  • Thank You

Scattered throughout were Donor Spotlights illustrating why our donors give to Homewood.

Click here to view the Donor Report - Year to Date 2018